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Strategic Plan

The 2015–2018 Strategic Plan outlines the way forward for Interchange Inner East mid 2015, we consulted with staff and volunteers to review and validate our vision and mission. We further validated our vision statement with participants and families to ensure it aligned with their experiences.

The implementation of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which will be completed in June 2019 dominated the environmental scan undertaken in July 2015.

Agility, flexibility and responsiveness will be the keys to our success in this new market-driven environment. We are well prepared with our positive reputation, strategic partnerships, skilled workforce and efficient back-of-house systems. This Plan centers on participants and their families, and reflects our vision of ‘Strengthening families, valued experiences’.

Our five primary goals and some of the related strategies to achieve them are outlined below – all underpinned by a commitment to good governance.


Interchange Inner East Mission and Vision Purposes

Our work is guided by the following:

  1. To provide innovative and high quality planned respite services to families with children/young adults who have a disability based on individual preferences and choices that empower participants and their families.
  2. To provide respite services to individuals and groups, in the community and at home, that increase the life experiences and enrich the lives of children and young adults with disabilities, particularly through the delivery of engaging recreational programs and social interactions.
  3. To be guided by the voices of our participants and their families in the development, delivery and evaluation of our services.
  4.  To forge strong community partnerships with individuals and organisations for an inclusive community,
    and to promote the value of the benefits of planned and regular respite services for children and young adults and their families.
  5. To provide safe and effective respite services through our culture, structures and processes, and through the recruitment and ongoing development of capable, trained and highly skilled staff and volunteers.
  6. To increase our capacity to meet the needs of families with children and young adults with disability and ensure the sustainability of the organisation through responsible management of available resources, and adapting to the changing needs of families, their children and the service delivery environment.

Goals and Strategies

We have identified five goals and related strategies, achievement of these will be regularly reviewed as part of our commitment to good governance.

Goal 1 Deliver Quality Services

Continually evaluate our services in meeting the individual needs of participants and families

  • Embed an evaluation culture throughout the organisation
  • Implement ongoing data collection and analysis of participant needs, experiences and outcomes

Goal 2 Raise Brand Awareness

Raise awareness of respite and the value of the specialized role of Interchange via:

  • Ongoing engagement through effective communication and interaction with the community
  • Leveraging core messages to effectively promote Interchange within the context of market analysis

Goal 3 Strengthen Strategic Partnerships

Working together to deliver a wider range of choice and options through:

  • Well matched partnerships with like minded organisations
  • Sharing innovative and evidence based services and resources

Goal 4 Expand Workforce Capacity

Recruit, train and retain skilled staff and volunteers

  • Consolidate our position as an employer of choice in the sector
  • Engage, train and support staff & volunteers to respond to the individual needs of participants and families

Goal 5 Ensure Financial Sustainability and Growth

Restructure the operational model to reflect the competitive market principles of the NDIS

  • Pilot and evaluate alternative service provision structures and systems
  • Analysis and transparency of underlying cost and the value of services to participants and families

Underpinned by Good Governance Strategy Accountability Compliance Monitoring.

Quality Assurance

The HDAA certification shows that Interchange Inner East meets the requirements of the DHS Standards for the provision of disability services. Interchange Inner East is proud to be able to display this certification as recognition of our continued quality high level of service and ongoing commitment to people with disabilities.

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