Accessing Interchange Services

To ensure that we can provide you with safe, effective and quality supports, we develop the following information with you and review it at least every 12 months. We cannot deliver services to you unless this information is current and complete.
The information required by Interchange to provide services to you are:
  • A Support Plan
  • A Service Agreement
As required
  • High-Intensity Support Plans (E.G PEG feeding, Epilepsy, and Diabetes Plans)
  • Behaviour Support Plan
  • Medication Plan  
Support Plan Development
You and your support network are aided to collaborate and participate in the development of a goal-oriented support plan. The support plan will reflect your goals and aspirations and any relevant support needs.
Service Agreement
Interchange IE collaborates with you to develop a service agreement which:
  • establishes expectations.
  • explains the supports to be delivered.
  • specifies any conditions attached to the delivery of supports, including reasons why these conditions apply.