Coming Out of COVID-19

The Operations Team at Interchange Inner East supports participants and families to organise and facilitate supports in the participant’s home and in the community. We strive to base supports on the individual’s NDIS goals which often align with improved independence and socialisation, resulting in positive outcomes.

Interchange Inner East has a fantastic team of support staff who are greatly appreciated by the families of Interchange Inner East and the wider organisation. Throughout the never-ending rollercoaster of 2020, they have shown incredible resilience and strength. A big thank you to any individual who has been involved in support work with us during 2020. We appreciate you!

Francis has returned to his volunteering position and was able to sit down for a coffee with his Community Mentor after 4 months. Francis described the first day out as a “super day’

Olivia has returned to the swimming pool with support from her Community Mentor. This is one of Liv’s favourite activities!

Madeleine loves the zoo and was able to return recently for a visit!

Hopefully, as we head towards 2021, more and more participants will return to their usual pre-COVID-19 activities.