Support Coordination

How we support people and their families

Interchange Support Coordinators have extensive knowledge, understanding and experience in supporting families of people with high and complex needs. We empower people to explore their values and interests to build meaningful, ongoing roles in their community, through their NDIS package. We also strengthen the family’s capacity by respecting the knowledge they posses through their unique lived experience.

Invest in Quality

  • We specialize in supporting people and their families to manage the impact of complex disabilities by aiming to reach the goals outlined in their NDIS plan.
  • We remain up to date with the most recent NDIS systems and processes to ensure best outcomes for people and their families
  • Interchange Inner East prides itself on being accountable for every hour spent on support coordination; this information is available at any time
  • All Interchange Inner East’s Support Coordinators are university qualified in a health science discipline

To talk to our team about accessing Support Coordination please call on (03)91313308 or email